Experience the best of fantasy football with the RFL.  kicking off season 13th the RFL along with its 16 teams look ahead to a season of Fantasy Football fun!

 Season Begins Thursday September 7th!!!


Fantasy Football

The RFL Fantasy Football League started week 2 of the 2005 season with 9 teams.  Today all 9 original teams owners are still part of the league.  Some teams have come and gone and others wanting to join.  The RFL is a 16 team league these days. 

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League Champions

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Since 2005 The RFL has produce eight championship teams. Four teams are two time champions, two of those four won back to back championships. 

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Ivan Guitierrez - 2016

Ivan Guitierrez team owner of MafiiaObey after a long exhasting season he finally came away with the Western Division Championship and number one seed.  A back and forth championship game vs. Jose that nearly ended in a tie.  MafiiaObey will raise the RFL Pig Skin Throphy come this August and a championship banner will be reveald high above the Fantasy Center.