Official RFL Rules

(As of 2018 Season)


  • 12 Teams

  • 2 Divisions

    • 1st & 2nd Place Draft Divisions (Snake)


  • Fees:  $250

  • Prizes: (Total Pot = $3,000)

    • Winner:  $2,000 (67%)

    • 2nd Place:  $500 (17%)

    • Regular Season Best Record: $250 (8%)

    • Most Points in the Season:  $250 (8%)


  • Regular Season:  13 weeks

    • 10 Divisional Games

    • 3 Interdivision games

  • Playoffs:  3 weeks


  • 6 Teams Qualify

    • Top 2 teams in EACH division

    • Next two best records OVERALL

    • Tie-breakers: 1) Most Points For, 2) Head-to-head, 3) Record against all other playoff teams, 4) Coin toss

  • Buys: Best Record in each division

  • Playoff Game Tie-breakers:

    • Higher seed wins

  • Reseeding: Yes

  • #1 Seed:  1st place team with the best overall record at the end of the regular season

  • #2 Seed:  1st place team in the opposing division of the #1 seed

  • #3 Seed:  2nd place team with the better record

  • #4 Seed:  2nd place team in the opposing division of the #3 seed

  • #5 Seed:  Best overall record of the remaining teams

  • #6 Seed:  Second best record of the remaining teams


  • PPR (1/2 pt.)

  • See ESPN League page for more details


  • Snake Format

  • Pre-season draft-pick swaps (DPSs)

    • Prior to draft day, two teams can submit for a DPS where respective picks in any number of rounds can be swapped.  (e.g. 1st, 2nd, & 4th rounds picks can be swapped where the team with the higher 1st round pick doesn’t like the options in that spot and wants to trade down within the round, in turn getting higher picks in 2 later rounds (2nd & 4th))

    • No team can have more than 1 pick in any round

    • A team CAN swap a draft pick that includes a keeper with the keeper transitioning to the other team.  This can also happen with two keepers being swapped.

      • Neither team can end up with more than 1 keeper.


  • In-season player-for-player trades

  • No draft pick trading

  • Trade Deadline:  Wednesday, 12pm - Between Weeks 11 & 12 (Same as FA Keeper deadline)


  • Auction style

  • Budget:  $200

  • Min $0 spend

  • Tie-breaker:  Lower-seeded team


  • A player can’t be kept by the same team in back-to-back years

  • Drafted keepers:  Moves up 2 rounds from where they were drafted

    • Must be drafted and remain on team for entire season

  • FA keepers:  Move back 2 rounds from their Draft Day ADP (ESPN will be used for ADP determination)

    • FA keepers include FA-pickups and players received via trade

    • FA-Pickup Keeper Deadline:  Wed. @12pm - Between Weeks 11 & 12 (Same as Trade deadline)

    • ***If FA keepers were drafted:  they CAN NOT be kept in a higher round than where they would have been kept as a Drafted Keeper.  Essentially there is a ceiling on what round these players can be kept in to prevent teams from colluding OR taking advantage of an injured player.

      Example:  Odell is drafted in the 1st round, gets hurt and is not expected back for the remainder of the season.  The team that drafted him may have another player who is injured, but expected back, so since they can't keep Odell anyway, they drop him.  Teams can’t later pick Odell up and get him in the 3rd round, he would be ineligible to be kept.

Collusion Clause*** (The “Capone Rule”)


If found guilty of collusion by the league commissioner PLUS at least 4 other team owners, the guilty party (“GP”) will lose their right to a keeper in the succeeding season.  The GP will also be susceptible to any of the following punishments levied at the commissioner’s discretion:

  • Loss of rights to current year’s winnings

  • Public humiliation

  • Loss of rights to make trades in current year

  • Tar and feathering

  • Removal from RFL