Ring of Champions


Past Winners


2018: Danny Roccanova

On the heels of an amazing 10-3 season, which included edging out defending champion James for the #1 seed in the division, Rocc bulldozed through the playoffs to grab his first RFL championship. Upon receiving the trophy at his 30th birthday, he proceeded the cradle it the entire night and was overheard mumbling “my precioussss” by numerous individuals.

2017: James Mallon

As the first ever RFL Champion, James guaranteed himself a spot in league history. James’ path to the ‘ship was far from easy. Coming into the playoffs as a 6 seed, he managed to overpower the field and defeat Stone (who had his own breakout fantasy season, winning multiple leagues), in the championship. His first order of business after the win was to shoot down to the Jersey Shore and celebrate on the boardwalk with his trophy… In December.